How can I implement own U-boot to Mender

Hello community.

I have been interested in Mender for a long time and I have implemented the mender to my imx6ul and I have done updates without any problems. But now I want to use my own u-boot code, not Mender’s.

I developed a signed u-boot for secure boot on a separate imx6ul card (without Mender), and I want to run this u-boot with the mender.

As far as I see, Mender basically points to the file in the poky / meta / recipes-bsp / u-boot directory, SRC_URI = “git: //” source code. Can I change the URI here and call my own source code? SPL and u-boot are separate images in the source code that I use. But in the mender, SPL and u-boot work as a single image. How should I follow my own SPL and U-boot to run ?

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Hi @mEK, we definitely support different versions/branches of U-Boot depending on the platform. Usually we start with whatever the vendor or the platform provides and do the integration there. Unfortunately, this may be more than simply changing the SRC_URI as each board is implemented differently and the patches required to enable the Mender-specific bits may require modification.
See our documentation for a discussion of the steps and considerations needed for this.


Hello @drewmoseley

I solved my problem, I wanted to inform. I was trying to integrate the u-boot shown in the Mender layer with my own u-boot. I changed the contents of meta-mender-community / meta-mender-variscite / recipes-bsp / u-boot / u-boot-variscite.bbappend.

Instead of the SPL and u-boot binaries in the make_u_boot_spl_image () method, I gave the path to my bootloader binary. I also changed the contents of the UBOOT_CONFIG variable in the machine.conf file. My problem was solved.

Thank you for help.

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