Google coral uboot environment location


I’m attempting to use mender to update a google coral board that uses mendel os. I have managed to use mender-convert to make a bootable image of the mendel system and have configured the mender client to connect to the mender hosted cloud.

However when the system starts and I run:
journalctl -u mender-client
I get see an error message:
ERRO[0000] Failed to read the current active partition: No match between boot and root partitions.: exit status 1

I think the error is with the fw_printenv/setenv commands not finding the uboot environment as I don’t have the correct parameters of device/offset/env size defined in the fw_env.config file.

If I have understood correctly those parameters are specific to the board? Are those known for the coral or are they in any way related to the values that might be used with the yocto version for coral?

Yes, typically this is specific to the board but primarily related to what values you have in U-Boot because fw_setenv/fw_getenv interacts with the same environment as U-Boot.

But you also need to do a U-Boot integration similar to what is done in Yocto to integrate the Mender logic in the bootcmd.