Issue with Mender setting u-boot env on dunfell

I am attempting to update our yocto to the dunfell release and I am seeing an issue during updates where mender is not updating the mender_boot_part during the update.

I have run through the u-boot integration checklist and using fw_setenv I am able to change variables as expected and they persist across reboots. When I run a mender update I stop the boot during the reboot and check the environment in uboot and it is not updated correctly. mender_boot_part and upgrade_available are still set to the old partition and no upgrade in progress.

If I manually change the variables in u-boot during the reboot, the system boots into the updated partition just fine.

What would be causing the manual test of fw_setenv to work but when mender runs it, it fails?

Is there any way to debug what is going on here?



I saw you posted in a different thread also, but probably you need to upgrade to Mender client 2.2.1 or later, which was released just a few days ago. Older clients are not compatible with libubootenv, which is used in dunfell.


We had pulled the dunfell-next branch a few days ago and did not notice the update that had been made. We will retest this today with the new version.