Google coral board

Board description

I am interested in mender for coral board.
Saw this post:
Is there a mender implementation that already exists or planned?

Thank you in advance for your help.


There is no Mender integration yet for the Coral Dev Board. This is one of my side projects and there are no official plans do an Mender integration, though I might get around to it at some point.

@mirzak, I think @nidev01 got confused after seeing the post with Mender (typo) instead of Mendel Linux.

Please see the screenshot of the blog below:

Could you please correct the typo in your article? :wink:

Aah, indeed. Damn them for choosing a similar name :grin:

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Correction: Google was confused by producing the link based on my search criteria. :slight_smile:
After I read the article I realized that it was a typo. But I still thought I would ask to see if there was any plans for support.

I may attempt to add mender to your build myself as I learn more this platform.

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@nidev01, Once, you have a stable mender integrated coral board, then would like to see that under the “Board integrations:+1: