February 2024 - Community news and sticker challenge

Hello all!

Things have happened in the last couple of weeks, so I felt like I should give you an update. Here we go! :checkered_flag:

As a short recap from the last message I sent out, we’ve had the first ever Mender community meet-up, conveniently set up along FOSDEM in Brussels. We’ve had a very interesting and diverse group of people gathering, and what can I say? Judge for yourself.

The next thing coming up is Embedded World at Nuremberg, April 9th-11th. We will be at booth 4-652 for you to discuss and learn the latest and greatest about Mender, drop by for a chat or a drink and grab a sticker.

So… stickers!

A lot of people asked me about the Mender glitter stickers, so I’ve decided to ramp that up a bit:

The Mender sticker challenge!


  • until September 30th, 2024


  • Mender glitter stickers. You place them, make a photo, post it on social media and tag us, or sent it to us. Either here through the Mender Hub, or directly to me: josef.holzmayr@northern.tech
  • If you need stickers, grab them at an event that we are attending, or let me know. I’ll send you a bunch :+1:


  • crazy places and situations
  • nerdy things

You get to choose! Either a Raspberry Pi 4 with a small surprise customization - or a dinner+drinks invation with yours truly. If neither of those works for you, then we will find a suitable replacement solution, no worries. One prize for the craziest, and one prize for the nerdiest submission.

The small print:

  • you grant permission for Mender/Northern.tech public communications to use your submitted photo in all relevant contexts. If requested by you, we will add a copyright notice.
  • we will apply common sense. Means, any submissions that are disturbing, depicting commonly unacceptable things or behaviour, stickers on other peoples proprietary, will just be discarded. You get the idea, I’m sure.

We’re thrilled to see what you can come up with!


PS: if you want to talk Mender, embedded, connected devices… hit me up, I’m always ears. :ear: