Extra partition using mender-image-gpt

Hello everyone

I’m using Mender on a imx8qxp board with Meta Mender from community for Kirkstone yocto. (eMMC based)
Everything going well.
I have the MENDER_EXTRA_PARTS flag set, and it works fine, i set it to partition 6 as recommended because Mender uses MBR by default and needs an extended partition.

I wanted to use GPT partitions so it doesn’t need the extended partition.
I included the flag mender-image-gpt on my local conf and it is generating a .gptimg as expected.
Without the extra partition, everything goes fine.
But when i add the extra partition to the GPT build, it breaks and goes into emergency mode, it can’t handle the extra partition in GPT.
I tried both using partition 6 and partition 5 setting on local conf for the extra partition.
I assume that this is because Mender by default assumes the image has the MBR format, so it automatically tries to create the extended partition and rearrange Data and Extra parts, but i’m not sure.
There is a way to integrate an extra partition and the gpt image format?

I found out that mender is creating a mccblk0p5, but on kernel initialization, there are some start jobs running looking for mmcblk0p6 (as in MBR system), so it fails and enters emergency mode.