Error when run Docker-build

Hi Mender Team !
I got this error when I run docker-build. Could any one tell me what I’m missing? Thanks a lot!

It looks to me like you do not have internet connectivity, no?

Hmm I think already have connected to internet. I pretty sure for that.

given that its not resolving the domains names, i would first double check that you can resolve those domains from your host machine using ‘dig’ or equivalent command line tools.

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Hi @dellgreen
I have searched on the Internet and it said I should have a nameserver or in /etc/resolv.conf. I check my /etc/resolv.conf file and found that it already have it. I want to run ./docker-build inside mender-convert but it get this error.
Here is the error
and here is my /etc/resolv.conf
What I have done wrong or missing? Please help, I’ll be much appreciated

I suspect your nameserver is somehow interfering.

What do the following commands show?

$ host
$ nslookup