Error "Device does not support Update Control." in Web UI


I get the error message “Device does not support Update Control.” in the Mender Web UI after creating a deployment:


I searched for the error string, but besides

I couldn’t find any results.

I use a OE4T Yocto (hardknott) based Image on a NVidia Jetson Nano Devkit and I checked

$ bitbake -e mender-poc-image-base | grep '^DISTRO_FEATURES='
DISTRO_FEATURES="acl alsa argp bluetooth ext2 ipv4 ipv6 largefile pcmcia usbgadget usbhost wifi xattr nfs zeroconf pci 3g nfc x11 vfat largefile opengl ptest multiarch wayland vulkan systemd pam virtualization systemd pulseaudio gobject-introspection-data ldconfig mender-image mender-client-install mender-systemd mender-growfs-data mender-uboot mender-persist-systemd-machine-id"

According to the Web UI the client is version 2.6.1 and the Web UI stats itself as 3.0.0

Any hints?


It’s a known bug in the backend/UI. You just need to avoid two things:

  1. Don’t retry a failed deployment (create it from scratch).
  2. When creating a deployment, do not click on any of the Pause buttons for Update Control (not even if you disable them again afterwards, they must be untouched).

This problem has already been fixed and will be in 3.0.1, but it hasn’t been released yet.

Indeed I added a “pause” before reboot.
After creating a new deployment and not touching “pause” the update on target went fine.

Thanks for your help.

It seems this issue still exists in 3.1.0, at least i have experienced it right now.
Without any pause buttons, the update works without issue.

When you say 3.1.0, do you mean the Mender server or the Mender client, or both?

I’m using mender-client version 2.6.1 on my toradex board with the server version 3.1.0 on

Ok, but let’s first establish what you’re trying to do. Mender client 2.6.1 does not support Update Control, so getting an error message if you try to use it is expected. It is not expected if you left all buttons at their Off setting, however.

When i don’t any pause buttons, the update works like a charm, no issue there. When 2.6.1 doesn’t support update control, i have the reason why it doesn’t work.
At what mender client version does update control work?

3.0.0 is the first client version to support Update Control, but both 3.0.1 and 3.1.0 have been released since then, so I encourage you to upgrade to one of them. While upgrading from 2.6.1, you cannot use Update Control, but you can then use it afterwards.

Great, i will try it! Thank you for your help.

I get this problem and I run mender client 3.1.0. Still figuring out why.

After success without pausing in between phases, I created a new release and a new deployment with pauses. Now it seems to work. :thinking:

As soon as I make a request to check for updates to the device API, I get the Device does no support Update Control. Failure.

In the logs, it says that error: transient error: The deployment was aborted from the server.

I still have to get my head around the best way to get deployment information and trigger deployment change of state. Device API? Management API?

You mean that you are making a manual request to the device API? Then you have to use the right parameters to tell the server you support Update Control, otherwise it will reject you. See the update_control_map parameter in the Deployments v2 API docs.

In my case, I used Deployments V1 which has no mention of update_control_map parameter. Probably incompatible with Update Control?

Thanks for the heads up.