Easiest way to view device update history on hosted.mender.io?

Hello! I’ve been working with Mender to set up OTA application updates and an important feature is to be able to view the update history for a specific device with timestamps. The ability to see which version of various software from the device info page is very useful. However, it would be great if I could view the history of updates for a device in the “Audit Log” tab. For example, let’s say I had device A that I began detecting problems with. What I’d want to be able to do is filter the logs by its device ID and see a sequential history of artifacts deployed to it, right now it looks like when I try to filter by “Device” in the “Audit Log” tab, I am only able to see artifacts pushed to an individual device (I can see artifacts deployed specifically to device A, I can’t see artifacts pushed to device A as a part of a group). This is an important feature for debugging so I’d like to figure out what the best workflow for it is.