Does meta-mender have a problem with devtool modify?


I’m trying to modify the u-boot-mdm recipe using devtool modify u-boot-edm. It doesn’t appear to matter where I put the unpacked files (my own directory or one in the ‘workspace’ layer), there are immediate problems: I either get messages like ‘error BLAH is required for Mender to work’, or problems with ‘do_mender_tar_src’.

Since Mender seems to be a common factor, I am wondering if meta-mender is not suited to use with devtool


I personally do not use devtool and we do not have any tests to ensure it works either, meaning that their could be issues with it in combination with meta-mender.

But I would expect the problems to be isolated to the “u-boot” recipes, as this is where we have a lot of specialized logic and this is also where the do_mender_tar_src task is defined which you see in your error logs.

If you are able to find out what is causing the problems, please feel free to submit a PR.


Yes, I’ve since found that the problem does seem to be restricted to u-boot.

My yocto debugging skills are limited at this point, but I’ll let you know if I find a fix.

Thanks for your prompt response.

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