Does mender support Initramfs with u-boot

I’m on Yocto Dunfell with mender integrated successfully. I’ve been trying to get initramfs to work so that I can follow a suggestion about using an initramfs to mount /data before systemd comes up. It isn’t working and I wonder if something about mender and the uboot configuration are the problem.


Are you using GRUB integration or U-Boot integration? For GRUB I believe it works out of the box.

For U-Boot I think it can work, but it’s important that the U-Boot patch loads the initramfs from the correct location. Check the environment of the bootloader at boot time by pressing enter and using printenv to inspect the environment. Often bootargs will contain the arguments, but there is a huge variability in U-Boot environments, so this is not guaranteed; you may have to dig a little. Wherever the initramfs argument is, it’s important that it’s using ${mender_boot_part} to refer to the location.

We don’t test U-Boot and initramfs together in our CI, so strictly speaking I cannot guarantee that it will work. But I’m not aware of anything that would prevent it either.