Details of my current update

How do I know which update I am currently running on my device? And what are the additional details about any update that is recent deployed?

Thanks in advance.

The devices section of the mender server should show you what version of system software you are currently running on each device.

On the client side, i believe the installed artifact name/version is stored in a file locally, and there is a mender client command line option to get the current installed artifact name.

I did find artifact_info file inside /etc/mender directory but the artifact_name is always ‘unknown’. I made sure that I have an $ARTIFACT_NAME while using artifact generator command to create a .mender artifact.

Is there another location for the artifact_info ?

You can run mender -show-artifact to show which Artifact is installed. The artifact_info file is deprecated.

I would like to use the artifact_name for some use case. How do I extract the name ?

And where do I find those things that aren’t in the documentation?

The command mender -show-artifact will print it for you.