Artifact_info contains unknown after mender-convert

Whilst /etc/mender/artifact_info is legacy, after mender-convert with the latest mender-convert master branch, that file contains artifact_name=unknown.

Using mender-client 3.4.0 in standalone mode and the show-artifact command falls back to displaying unknown as the mender database has not been filled in yet, as this seems to only happen after an update.

This does seem to create an issue that now factor fresh devices will see the same version of update that they are already on from and unnecessarily do an update as the device doesnt know its version.

Previous versions of mender-convert filled in the artifact name in /etc/mender/artifact_info as part of that process.

Should this not be added back in for now, or if /etc/mender/artifact_info is to be replaced, with what? I see, there is bootstrap command can bootstrap artifact, but they just failed to run/install for various different reasons.

For now, I have added a function to my PLATFORM_MODIFY_HOOKS to update the artifact_info file to correct this issue for now during the mender-convert process so i can move forward.