Desktop app autostart not working

Hi everyone. My golden image has a desktop app that’s been configured to start on boot. The Pi loads it perfectly with the golden image but I’m stuck on a black screen with the Mender converted image. The golden image is configured to wait for a network to boot and connect to a specific wifi network. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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I’ve tried the 13-02-2020 and 02-12-2020 Raspbian Buster images and both don’t boot after running docker mender convert. I’m using the master branch for mender convert because branch 2.2.1 wasn’t generating mender.conf. Is there something I’m missing?

I don’t know much about Pi, but can you get a serial console to it to see any startup messages?

Hello @agniiyer,

The master branch can be a bit unstable and are not thorugly tested until a release happens.

In addition to what @dellgreen mentioned (serial terminal output to help understand), I would recommend this:

Start with a pre-converted golden image from You can simply flash that to your golden device, boot and ensure networking is good (including Mender server config). Then flash the golden image to all your devices. Then use system snapshots to create Artifacts to deploy:

This way you don’t have to use on mender-convert at all, which can get a bit complicated.