Deployment stuck on "Queued to start"

I have a Jetson tegra that I setup with A/B, and then I created an artifact of the rootfs, exported it as a rootfs tarball, converted it to a ext4 and then generated an artifact (following Nvidia Jetson L4T Integration, but using my own custom rootfs tarball). I connected my target device to host mender, uploaded the mender artifact, created a deployment and pushed it, but it gets stuck on "“Queued to start”. How can I get this through for all devices?


Now it shows “skipped”, but when I open details, it says “successfully updated X devices”. Not sure what’s happening.

Single application updates go through, so not a polling issue.

Hello @AbhinavMir,

This message means the device already has that artifact already installed. I wonder if it succeed once and now Mender is rejecting them as the device reports it already contains it installed. Is this not the case? Maybe you can check with mender show-provides to print a list of artifacts already installed in the device.