Deployment failure notification and or monitoring

We have a pretty big backlog of units ready to ship with older software version. When they connect for the first time, we have an automated deployment that upgrades them. This takes the form of a Deployment that targets a dynamic group where we select by version. This was setup so that we don’t have to monitor it manually.

We have noticed some failures during some of these deployments because someone opened the Mender portal and happened to look at the right moment.

Is there a way to get an email notification when a deployment fails?

Hi @absoluteSloth,

Thanks for reaching out! At the moment there is no super convenient solution for it, unfortunately. Webhooks for these events are planned, but there is no ETA yet. If you feel like this is highly relevant to your use case, please get in touch with a sales representative through

For the time being, the simplest solution is to have a script that polls the deployments endpoints and then acts accordingly.