Dart-mx6ul grub integration mac address not set

Hi I am using a varicite DART-mx6ul board and as per the board integrations section it is using the grub integration for booting. I have a problem that the OTP fuse setting a mac address for the module is loaded ok into uboot and placed into the kernelargs however that mac is seemingly lost when the unit has booted. As a result systemd-networkd chooses another mac address and when a unit is re-flashed or a file system update is done this mac can change. Is there a way to have grub use the kernelargs set by uboot to set the macaddress?

Not out of the box, but there may be a workaround.

In the kirkstone branch, the grub tools have been renamed to avoid clashing with the U-Boot tool names. This means it’s possible to have both installed at the same time. So if you install libubootenv there, you can use the fw_printenv command to print the environment which U-Boot has saved from userspace, and get the value from there.

This unfortunately does not work on the dunfell branch, because the tool names conflict. But if you add your own custom do_install_append step in the libubootenv recipe, and rename the fw_printenv and fw_setenv tools to something else, you should be able to have the both installed at the same time.