Mender_grubenv.config has wrong file path to grub files

I have a problem where rootfs updates are failing due to “No match between boot and root partitions”. I am thinking this may be because fw_printenv is unable to read the boot environment variables. The problem seems to be caused by an incorrect file path in the file “/etc/mender_grubenv.config” . The grub file are in “/boot/efi/EFI/BOOT” however this file contains the path “/uboot/EFI/BOOT” which does not exist. Removing the file appears to fix the fw_printenv problem. Does anyone know where the path in that file comes from? . This did work before and to the best of my knowledge I have not modified anything related to it so am a little stumped as to where to start looking

Is this using Yocto or mender-convert? It seems to indicate that the configuration is set (partially) to U-Boot integration, but the board is using GRUB integration. It should not happen, so it might be a bug.

This is an image that is being built using yocto for a variscite imx6ul module. I currently have a sticking plaster fix of using a Rootfs post process command to remove the file with the incorrect file path. That works for the time being but I dont see that as any kind of long term fix

The file comes from the grub-mender-grubenv recipe. I don’t really understand how it can change, although it can be altered by setting some special variables, it’s not something we document. What does this say?

bitbake -e grub-mender-grubenv | grep 'BOOT_DIR='