Custom device identity attribute not shown in Create Group dialog

On mender server I have “Default device identity attribute” set to a custom value i.e serial number. When creating a new group it still lists the devices to add to the group with the mender default device-id.
In other areas of the web UI it does list devices by the custom attribute set as the default. Is this a bug or has it been fixed in master branch as quick search on github didn’t find anything obviously related

running mender server 2.2.0

See screenshot attached.
Expected behaviour is column 1 should show the custom device identity attribute

I’d figure this as a bug and not a feature. Hbu @mzedel?

Right, that’s a bug… it is definitely fixed in 2.3, I’ll have to check if it was fixed in 2.2.1 already (not entirely sure there, but will report back)

ok, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’ll look forward to your findings :slight_smile:

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