Current software field changed after running script module: how to avoid?

To remote erase a 5th data partition that we have created on our Menderized client devices, I’ve been testing with a remote wipe script that is uploaded as a script Artifact.

The script is nothing special, it just executes a “rm -rf” command on the root of that fifth partition.

But just checking the device list of the Mender Server I noticed that the Current software column of my test device now has wiper-3.7.0 as the version of the software (firmware) instead of the 3.7.0 it had before the script was executed.

Is there a way to change the script or Artifact so that it doesn’t change the “Current software” field? Or am I doomed to always having to create my script artifacts with the same version number/ID as I used for the actual firmware?

Hi @PJK, at the moment there is nothing that can be done about this but we are working on implementing a better system. @kacf do you have any details you can share?

Yes, improving this experience has already been broken down into concrete requirements, and is development ready, but the implementation has not been started yet. I cannot give an estimate of when it will be finished unfortunately, but you can follow this ticket to see the progress.