Creating a snapshot using mender-artifact CLI gives error!

I am getting following error while trying to create snapshot from my host laptop

Please help

When Creating a snapshot on the golden device on target board, I get following error! My target device is RISCV

Do you have the multiple partition setup configured? The error seems to indicate that it is not. What do the following commands show when run on the target?

# mount
# lsblk
# cat /etc/fstab
# ls -ld /var/lib/mender


Hi @drewmoseley
As required, here are the output for commands:



Even when /data partition is mounted, still getting same error!

I am getting same issue when i do on Raspberry pi4

Yes, it looks like you don’t have the multiple partition setup done properly. The /var/lib/mender directory should actually be a symlink into /data/. I suspect on your RPI you installed the Mender debian package rather than using a pre-converted image.

What do you have in your /data directory?