Core-image-sato giving no devices found when Mender is added to project

Hi All,

Currently working with a project on a Raspberry Pi 3B and have got Yocto building and running with the ‘core-image-sato’ build. As soon as I add Mender though, it then fails to load the UI with no screens attached.

Wondering if anyone else has seen this or if there is any other setting/toggle that needs to be done?


Hi Blake,

Can you post the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log?


Also, details of what layers, branches, commit hashes, etc. I know there have been some issues with graphics drivers and I believe in warrior they switched to the VC4GRAPHICS drivers by default but I have seen some issues with them.

Hi Drew,

It seems I finally manged to fix it, the fix however was changing IMAGE_FSTYPES

-IMAGE_FSTYPES=“jffs2 tar.bz2 mender sdimg”
+IMAGE_FSTYPES=“mender sdimg rpi-sdimg”

And removing this line
(added as it was complaining about multiple kernels early on in my testing)

Any ideas why this would have caused it?

Handy to know about the VC4GRAPHICS as well, will keep that in mind if I hit any other issues

Hi @blakelloyd_coderus the IMAGE_FSTYPE change should happen when using the Mender bbclass files. Do you have

INHERIT += “mender-full”

in your local.conf file?

The warning about multiple DTBs is normal and can be ignored.


Hi Drew,

I do indeed have the full INHERIT line.

Ah ok handy to know thanks