Compulab IOT-GATE-iMX8 - Debian Buster arm64


The edi-cl project configuration allows you to build Mender enabled system and update images for the Compulab IOT-GATE-iMX8.
Furthermore the same configuration can be used to build a LXD container with a preinstalled cross compilation toolchain.

The table below gives an indication about the minimal storage requirements:

OS setup Size on storage Update artifact size Source image Test result
Debian Buster 10.6 arm64 dynamic (recommended storage size >= 4GB) 134.2 MB n/a (built from scratch based on Debian buster) :test_works:


For the setup and further instructions please refer to the edi-cl project configuration.

Get Started with Mender

In order to connect to your Mender tenant please adjust the Mender tenant token according to this description.
After your device is up and running with network, follow the instructions in the Mender get started tutorial to connect to a Mender server and start deploying updates.

Further Information


Awesome work. I really like the use of Ansible to build the based system – it’s so much more understandable than bitbake.

I was wondering, you mentioned secure boot in your blog but have you gotten it working with HAB? Compulab seems to have some tools for signing and sealing the registers (meta-compulab-hab/ at imx8 · compulab-yokneam/meta-compulab-hab · GitHub) but it still seems somewhat complicated.

Thanks again!

I am happy to hear that you like the Ansible based approach for image building as much as I do!

With regards to HAB: We have indeed successfully integrated secure boot into an edi configuration.

The tricky part was to bring HAB, disc encryption and Mender together.

However, as this happened during my work time and due to the complexity I am unfortunately not able to share that entire setup.