Client openwrt


We have some devices with a Tina-LINUX OS (based on openwrt), we want to be able to send them remote updates, we have made tests with raspberrys and it has gone perfect, but for this OS we don’t see any client or way to create one, someone has been in the same problem? is there any client for Openwrt?

Thank you!

Hello @danicano, welcome to Mender Hub.

We have supported a few OpenWRT platforms and I believe in that case we integrated the Mender sources into the build system. This link may help in getting it built properly.

@mirzak may have additional insight as he did the previous work with OpenWRT.


This is also an good resource, NanoPi NEO2 - OpenWrt.

The conclusion, there have been a couple of community integrations for this but nothing that works OOB. I have also done some commercial projects OpenWRT support, unfortunately do not have the source for this.

If you have any specific questions I would gladly help out.