Carrying over wifi settings between deployments on a Raspberry Pi

I can successfully push updates to a Raspberry Pi plugged in via an ethernet cable. Unfortunately, when I try to push new deployments to a Pi that has already been configured, I’m losing my ability to connect to the Wifi network. The thought was to push the wifi configurations to /data and create an operating system sym link from the Pi’s wifi settings (/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf), thus carrying over the configs between Mender deployments. This is a way around the statelessness partitions (A/B). Perhaps there’s another method? Can someone help me understand the best way to persistent Raspberry wifi network settings on a device (SSID and Password) between Mender deployments?


Creating a symlink is a common approach and is probably the simplest to setup.

Other ways of doing it is to use a state-script, e.g

Or using an unionfs, such as overlayfs