Boot u issue with Intel® NUC tutorial

I have been trying to install a yocto image with mender using the NUC tutorial given.
The image is built successfully and the image boot fails and falling into to grub screen with an error message 'invalid sector size 65535' . I’m using ‘warrior’ branch.

can someone explain me what is this issue?

in another case with my custom image, the boot stucks with a message 'waiting for root device /dev/mmcblkp2'

It looks like your setting for MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE is incorrect. It should probably be set to “/dev/mmcblk0” but it seems to be missing the 0. Also, depending on the actual storage media in your system, that may change to /dev/sda or some other. The best way to figure it out is to boot off of USB and use the lsblk command.


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depending upon what version yocto you are using and if your using grub, you might want to consider PARTUUID support which looks like is was added to meta-mender in Thud if you want to side-step the issue and not be concerned with kernel bus named devices.

Hey Drew,
MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE is set to /dev/sda. It boots up now.
Thank you very much.

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Hi Dellgreen,
I gonna try this solution too and will update the post with the result.
Thank you very much!