X86 build broken with warrior-v2020-02


we start seeing issue with building mender for x86 machines (intelNUC) with meta-mender warrior-v2020-02 branch. When revert to warrior-v2019-12 build pass fine.
Issue is:

bootfs.image_uefiimg/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi already exists in boot partition. Please verify that packages do not put files in the boot partition that conflict with IMAGE_BOOT_FILES.

and task do_image_uefiimg: Failed

We don’t set EFI_PROVIDER in our local conf. I can see some changes regarding EFI_PROVIDER was done between mentioned 2 tags. Thanks.

Hi @MarekBelisko the EFI_PROVIDER stuff was part of one of my PRs. Can you see if https://github.com/drewmoseley/meta-mender/commit/2d59a8e00a1b3a4c1d5c95655c3a3a314e80e3c2 resolves this issue for you?

I think this has come up before as well, so I have put it on my backlog to cherry-pick that commit. IIRC there were some conflicts regarding the tests, but it appears to be quite important to include this one.

@kacf @drewmoseley thanks for heads up. We currently stay on warrior-v2019-12 until we have this cherry-picked. :+1:

FYI, this has been cherry-picked and tagged now with warrior-v2020.02.2.