What is server.crt

While trying to configure mender client configuration(preparing a client) for the self hosted server like below, I am confused about server.crt. Where does it come? How can I get it ? What should it contain ?In my server, there is no server.crt file.

./scripts/bootstrap-rootfs-overlay-production-server.sh \
    --output-dir ${PWD}/rootfs_overlay_demo \
    --server-url https://foobar.mender.io \
    [ --server-cert ~/server.crt ]

The tree structure of the keys-generated directory is the following


Thanks in advance

cert.crt and private.key in keys generated should be your server certificate and key. You can use openssl to view the certificate contents to ensure that the properties of the cert are correct for your server like DNS entries and common name etc.

openssl x509 -in keys-generated/cert/cert.crt -text -noout

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