Version Check

[9:53 AM] Ronit Wilson Rolance (MS/ENC3-BEG)

We’re running a service that would need to prevent older versions for security reasons.
I used state scripts to implement version check. I added the state script ‘ArtifactInstall_Enter_00’, where the old version I will get from /etc/mender/artifact_info, and the new incoming version I will get from mender deployment logs.
However, I am facing a problem, if I try to install older mender artifact that don’t have this state scripts with version check . It does not work as expected.
Any solutions handling version check

You could check out this version check rootfs Update Module. It sounds like it does what you need.

Thank you for the information, will have a look. Is module update for rootfs works as good as a normal update (in terms of rollbacks, stability).

They are community maintained, so we cannot guarantee the same stability. But it’s based on the same principles as the original (Golang based) update code, and I believe the inspiration for this Update Module came from the rootfs-image-v2 Update Module, which is being regularly tested.