Using mender services as transport mechanism for custom software update packages

Our new platform has its own mechanisms for installing software updates, both full and incremental ones. Those we cannot change.

Since we use Mender already with our existing products We would like to use Mender also with new one as well.

Our idea would be that we wrap the platform specific update packages into .mender artifacts and change the artifact type to be something other than rootfs-update (is it doable/recommended?). This specific artifact type will then have custom handling on client side that does the tricks required by the mentioned platform.

Does that sound reasonable/doable?

Hi @jarmo.kuronen,

That sounds perfectly reasonable and doable - it is in fact exactly what update modules are there for!:+1:
As an example for wrapping arbitrary data in an artifact and using a custom mechanism to apply it, I think the DFU update module should work nicely.


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