Use fw_printenv `--no-header` flag

There are a few places in examples or tests that the output of fw_printenv is parsed. Note that passing -n will supress var=.

Hi @pamolloy This is true. But is this really a problem you think?

Not a problem at all. It is just a nice improvement that’s simple to implement, but obviously takes more time to test than implement.

It would be nice to change it in the example since presumably folks are copying that.

Hmm, after looking a little closer I agree actually. For these examples it would be cleaner for people to get into.

I would be happy to accept a contribution here if you want?

If not, I can take a look, but it would take a while longer right now.

Oh, also the -n option. When and where was it introduced?

I also have to check that we don’t alias the fw_printenv to something else anywhere. As we don’t always just run u-boot.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time, but happy to review.

It has been around for a very long time. Sometime before 2015. Unfortunately, my git skills aren’t strong enough to find the original commit.