Uploading artifacts directly to S3


I’m looking for a way to upload artifacts directly to S3, without passing through the Mender API.
Anyone knows if this is possible? I tried uploading an artifact directly to minio, and obviously it didn’t show up in artifacts list. I suppose that there’s additional metadata required and it is stored in mongodb?

My use case:
I got multiple Google Kubernetes clusters, and each cluster hosts its own Mender Server.
I also have a build system that builds mender artifacts which need to be uploaded to all (or some of) the Mender Servers.
I was thinking that if the build system could just upload the artifact directly to S3, I could use a single Minio which will serve all Mender Servers across all of my GKE clusters.

Unfortunately, I cannot use just a single Mender Server deployment for all my GKE clusters.
Any suggestions/ideas are welcome.

I’m using v3.4.0


Unfortunately, there currently is no way of uploading/registering artifacts without going through the Mender server. The backend needs to validate the artifact format and the payload and header checksums. The only reliable way I can think of is uploading the artifact to all your server instances.

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Thank you for your reply @alfrunes