UBI error within kernel (-2)

Hi there,
after the porting work to my hardware, I think I am almost there, but the kernel throws an error when trying to get access my rootfs on my ubi0_0 volume (see attached image). I can, though, access this volume through my u-boot and load the kernel and the dtb file from there into the RAM and boot. What could the root cause here? As far as I understand, the kernel is able to locate the volume but is unable to open it. Could it be a Kernel misconfiguration? On the other hand, no volume is available as a bootable partition (only the sd card)…

My initial guess would be that you are missing some required kernel configs. It’s hard to say from that snippet though as all that really confirms is that it "don’t work’. :wink:


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Thanks for the reply and for pointing me in the right direction. In the end, it was nothing Mender-related but through solving this I am finally able to boot and connect my device to the hosted Mender backend. Appreciate your effort! :+1: