Trying to integration mender with Toradex verdin-imx8mp


We are trying to integrate mender with Toradex’s Verdin imx8mp module. There isn’t a supported configuration in meta-mender-community, however I was adapting changes from apalis and verdin-imx8mm for the verdin-imx8mp on BSP 5.5.0. I got the build to pass which generated a mender_tezi.tar file.

However, when I try to flash this file onto the module with TEZI installer, it complains that it cannot find block device /dev/mmcblk0.

Not sure if anyone had tried/success with integrating with the Verdin-imx8mp. Any guidance would be appreciated!


It looks like the accompany image.json for TEZI is also specifying /dev/mmcblk0. Changing it to /dev/mmcblk2 allows me to flash the device.

It looks like image_type_mender_tezi.bbclass::def rootfs_mender_tezi_emmc is hard-coding this to /dev/mmcblk0 Not sure if there’s a nice way to dynamically set this

Hi whsplk,

would it be possible to share the changes that you’ve made?