Technexion PICO-PI-IMX7

@drewmoseley @dellgreen devtool is very cool:

@texierp @drewmoseley
I need meta-openamp to do RPmsg project here. But I stay with this issue:

Layer openamp-layer is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: dunfell (layer is compatible with gatesgarth)

You’ll need to check with the maintainers of the openamp-layer. It does not seem to be compatible with dunfell.


@drewmoseley thanks for a while

ls mmc 0:1
371 boot.scr

1 file(s), 1 dir(s)

This issue has been reappearing constantly

@drewmoseley @drewwestrick hi, I stay using dunfell (3.1)

After building the image I have to scp and copy my kernel (5.6.x) and my dtb to imx7d-pico. I am unable to copy the new modules from the 5.6.x kernel and this has made it impossible to use ft5x06-driver-display.

I want to know where the SRC_URI variable is (I didn’t find it here: meta-mender/meta-mender-demo at master · mendersoftware/meta-mender · GitHub)

I want to know how to customize the image for me to use kernel 5.6.x (which is in a folder on my PC-HOST. Likewise, I want to customize the device tree and especially the kernel/modules

SRC_URI is not likely defined in the mender layers. This is standard kernel/BSP stuff. This Yocto document may help.


I am getting error given below. Please provide solution to this issue.

repo init -u GitHub - mendersoftware/meta-mender-community: Community supported integration layers for Mender on various boards -m meta-mender-meta-freescale/scripts/manifest-meta-freescale.xml -b dunfell
File “/home/YoctoProject/imx7/mender-nxp/.repo/repo/”, line 79
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Hi @er-rahul-km

This seems to be caused by an outdated Python version, maybe coming from your build host. Which Linux distribution are you using? If possible, please try again on Ubuntu 20.04.

See also: Linux repo init error - NXP Community


Hi @TheYoctoJester ,
I am using ubuntu 20.04.
Python version is 3.8.10

Hi @er-rahul-km,

I just tried on Ubuntu 20.04 and could not reproduce the problem. If I had to guess, then something might be fishy with your repo installation. Can you try and start over with a fresh download of it?