Stress Testing mender standalone setup


I have set-up mender 2.0.0 on my local server. I am interested more on testing it.

I saw a couple of projects in github

Is it possible to give some information on how these have to be run?
from test environment set-up to executing them.

Thank you!

I think for the most part these are used by our test frameworks and may only be of limited utility to others. That said, the file that is in each one is the place to start. I have not personally worked with them so cannot offer much; @lluiscampos may have more to offer here.


@drewmoseley Thank you for the reply.

README files do not have much information in those, may be, not added as not intended for others. I am looking at doing stress test and unit tests. I will be happy to know more information about testing procecdure.

@lluiscampos please do help me understand steps to setup the test environment and procedure to test.

Thanks in advance.

@pei.cei, I don’t have much knowledge of the testing infrastructure I’m afraid, and Lluis is gone for a few weeks now, but I think a good place to look would be: which brings it all together

You can also look at this script which is what drives our test runner.