Standalone update while in managed mode


I am looking at the options available to us in terms of updates. My use case is managed mode.

From the documentation here it says:

It is possible to run the Mender update client in standalone or managed mode.

For a managed client is it possible to install a .mender file manually using the standalone procedure below, then carry on with automatic updates after this?

mender -install myfile.mender
mender -commit

I ask since it might be desired to load a file from a USB stick etc rather than 4G data for the download.


Hi Brian,
Yes, that should work just fine. Are you having issues?

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It will work as long as you intentionally not triggering update from both managed mode and standalone mode at the same time.

Please note that, managed mode already running a mender daemon which will look for update artifacts from the mender server. In standalone, you have to explicitly say that, there is an update using -install option.

No issues - it was not clear from the documentation that this was supported.


@drewmoseley is your statement still valid for newer versions of the mender-client (>2.4). Im asking as Standalone deployment | Mender documentation mentions differences for the standalone and managed mode.

Yes, managed mode and standalone mode are intended to coexist with some minor caveats related to state script behavior as shown in that link.


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Just note that one small difference in 3.0 and newer is that -install and -commit have been removed and replaced by install and commit. These worked in the 2.x versions also, so it should be easy to migrate.