Standalone mode: execution of error state after powerloss


the documentation says that the mender client will transition into an error state in case of a power loss.

I don’t understand when/how this error state will be executed after reboot if I use the mender client in standalone mode.
Do I have to call the install or the commit command again?
Are there any uboot variables I can check?

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Hi @Mowlwurf,

In standalone mode, the client does not handle the reboot, and therefore does not run the error state. The recommended approach is to create and handle a custom marker for update/reboot in progress, for example at /var/reboot-successful, and check for it in the Update Module and/or state script, depending on the exact use case.


Hello @TheYoctoJester

thank you for your fast reply.

Is this approach also used by the managed mode to detect a power failure?

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