Single Partition solution [No dual parition wanted since only looking for application update]

Hi there,

I just wanted application updates, I dont need rootfs update i.e I dont need A/B partition. I intend have just two partition i.e boot and rootfs+kernel.

Is it possible to do this?

Bosco Jacinto

Yeh, this will work just fine.

For instance you can install the client on any running Debian OS, and register it, and application updates will work :smile:

Ok, thanks.

Does this mean that i can skip the uboot patches in meta-mender? I got my own bsp uboot configurations/patches which i intend keeping the same.

Or this there more selective changes in the meta-mender uboot patches that needs to be avoided?

Bosco jacinto

The custom u-boot is only needed in the case you are doing A/B udpates :slight_smile: