S3 bucket in the edge location


we are trying to setup self-hosted mender in EKS cluster. So far going well. As a part of the setup needed to provided S3 bucket where the artifacts will be stored. Though EKS cluster and S3 are in the same region, so assuming if mender device exist in the same geographic region, artifact pulling will be faster.
Lets say:
EKS in us-east-1
S3 bucket in us-east-1
devices are in the us-east as well so artifact pulling will be faster.

What about if device is in EU, then artifact pulling will take longer time.
Is there anyway to keep those artifacts closer to the device’s region ?

help is very much appreciated.

@mokul You can enable S3 transfer acceleration:

Data transfer will cost more, but it significantly optimizes downloads on a global scale.
For more information about the S3 Transfer Acceleration, please refer to the AWS documentation.

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How the device is pulling data from S3 bucket? is the device directly go to S3 ?? but so far I remember I did not set any permission for the device to the S3 bucket.

If device getting artifact content via mender server, then how the s3 transfer acceleration helps?

@mokul yes, the device downloads the artifacts directly from S3 using a presigned download link generated by the backend. Because of this, enabling the S3 Transfer Acceleration is possible and significantly improves the download times.

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