Root filesystem update - keep data from old partition

Hi!! Does enaybody know if there is any way to backup a file from the old rootfs when preforming a system update?
Let’s say I want to keep a log file and keep appending data to it once the update is completed and the system has boot from the new partition.

Apreciate any help or idea as workaroung.


Hi @sd-ricardo,

This can be done via state scripts, you can essentially ship arbitrary pre- and post-installation logic along your artefact.



So, if I have log.txt and the current boot partiion is p1 (And the next would be p2, since we are mounting p3 on /data)
where should I back up that file?
if booting from p1 it goes to p2 and viceversa?

@sd-ricardo the only persistent thing is /data - unless you added more persistent partitions manually. So there it needs to go.