Request for update after power or network failure

Hi guys,

I have a mobile device running an application. It has probabilities of network and power failure.
If an update failure takes place due to network connectivity or power supply, mender server gets the failure message and my device rolls back to previous working condition.

Now, I want the device to be able to request for update again after the failure. How can I accomplish it? Please ask me for more information about my project that I might be missing out for this particular use case.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @SamanRatna at the moment you would need to retry the deployment. In some of our hosted plans we have a retry count when creating a deployment but you can always use the API to retrigger it.


Can you give me some references about the APIs? And some information about how to use it to retrigger the deployment?


The API docs are here. and specifically for creating deployments.

Thanks @drewmoseley