Removing inventory attribute


I’m exploring Mender’s inventory scripts and wondered if it’s now possible to remove an inventory attribute. I saw a post saying it wasn’t supported, I’m using mender client 3.5.0 and mender platform 3.4.0. Any updates on this?


Hi @arp_insens,

Without having tested it - just guessing - what about setting to “” or null?


Hello @TheYoctoJester,

Yes, but I was hoping for an even “cleaner” approach. My intention is to remove any unused attributes entirely, retaining only the necessary ones along with some custom additions. I believe there must be a more efficient solution than distributing a script artifact and repeatedly using “sed” of an empty string within every mender-inventory script.
If you have a better approche I am open to suggestions :slight_smile:

Edit: I need to apply this to all my devices, which is why I need a cleaner ans easier way