Refrence other layer's packages in my own packagegroup

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I’m in the process of following this custom image guide on the forums to build out a custom layer for my Raspberry Pi 4 Yocto Image, and move most if not all of the changes I have been making in local.conf into a proper format. This also includes moving all the packages I used to have referenced in IMAGE_INSTALL:append into its own packagegroup.

For some reason though, these packages don’t seem to be installing, and I have no idea why. It’s referenced in my image .bb file, and bitbake doesn’t throw any errors. A majority of these packages are from other layers I have referenced in my BBLayers file, but I don’t think packages that are in the standard layers are being parsed from this either. Any ideas?

The packagegroup:

DESCRIPTION = "Standard Applications"
SUMMARY = "Standard Apps"


inherit packagegroup

RDEPENDS_${PN} = " \
    psplash \
    dhcpcd \
    networkmanager \
    python3 \
    bash \
    temurin-jdk-17-bin \
    raspi-gpio \
    userland \
    rsyslog \
    sudo \
    nano \

Image .bb file:

SUMMARY = "Image"

IMAGE_FEATURES += "splash"


inherit core-image

CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += " standard-apps-packagegroup"

Hi @pyxlwuff,

If you’re on kirkstone, then it’s probably just the old syntax biting you. Can you try this?



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Yep that worked! Thank you! Would it be worth getting the guide updated to reflect that?