Raspberry PI 4 wifi issue after sudo apt-get upgrade

Hello all,

I have been testing with the hosted version of Mender as we are interested in using it for deploying OTA updates. I am using a raspberry pi 4 model B with the Mender provided OS, setup according to this tutorial: Prepare a Raspberry Pi device | Mender documentation. After completing the tutorial without any additional configurations made to the OS, I ran sudo apt-get update, then, sudo apt-get upgrade and rebooted the device. I then seem to run into an issue where the bluetooth hcivart.service will not start on boot and the wifi stops working. I can consistently replicate this issue even on another device. How the wifi fails is that the wifi chip seems like it is disconnected. Trying to change any wifi config setting in raspi-config says “No wireless interface found”.

Is this a known issue (i.e. don’t run sudo apt-get upgrade)? Otherwise I suppose it is an issue with my device, although this was replicated on two devices.

Hi @lucas

Sadly running apt upgrade can break mender integration. The documentation you referred to is really only intended for initial onboarding and testing of Mender. Once you are ready to move forward, the expectation is that you will work on a golden-master image that does not contain any Mender configuration and then use our mender-convert tool to create the Mender-enabled version. If you do the mender-convert stuff after running the apt upgrade it should work better for you.