Query on reauthorize on token expiry behaviour on device & server


What is the behaviour on token expiry? The device will request to reauthorize, any limits on the token reissuing? In my locally hosted mender, a device which has 32 tokens in deviceauth-> token db and no new tokens are generated. Device is sending the request to get 401 response.


@alfrunes, for you?


As you say, the client will attempt to request a new token on expiry (actually on all unauthorized requests to the API). There are no limits on the number of token reissuing, a new token will be generated with an updated expiry timestamp on a new request. About the 401 response code, have you authorized the device in question? If so could you please attach logs for the deviceauth service? Else you might want to login to the server and hit the accept button in the UI.

Hi @alfrunes,

Thanks for the clarification. The device is authorized, hence, I dont see it in the pending list. Accidentally, I reboot the device, now I am not seeing this error anymore.