Progress of standalone installation in inventory

Could there be any issues if standalone upgrade progress is reported via inventory update?
eg., adding a standalone-upgrade-status field to the inventory, calling mender send-inventory, and then querying it from mender server

Naturally assuming the daemon is up and there is no simultaneous online deployment conflict.

Hi @Elia,

Technically I don’t think its a problem if you put the state into the inventory. But I also don’t see what you might gain, at least not right off the bat. Inventory updates are really slow by default, so the data would probably never even make it to the backend, or even more confusing, would be stuck for a long time on one state. And it would be only this one data point, as the backend could not correlate this to any deployment, so it is literally data without context.

Would you mind explaining your use case a bit more, or what you would expect to happen?