Pass Arguments to the state scripts

Is it possible to pass parameters to the state scripts?
Are “$FILES” accessible from it?

I image a state script the does a pre check to the installation. For exmaple, assert the installed OpenSSL version, but I want the pre-check to be determent by the artifact, as it might change for future upgrade - not on the source client.

Thank you

Hi @zivkapl,

No, this is not possible. Reason: there are state scripts that are not tied to an artifact, such as the idle-related ones for example, and the call interface is consistent across all.

From a conceptual view, checking such during artifact deployment is pointless if your artifact dependencies are understood and defined. Hence, the recommended solution is to set those accordingly.

As an alternative, you can work around it by using a custom Update Module, but thats more like a band-aid for sloppy planning.