OverlayFS configuration

Hi all,

I want to use mender-convert to build a custom raspberrypi-3 image. The image is based on raspbian and will contain the azure iot edge runtime.
My challenge is to make azure iot edge configuration persistend over OS Updates. The configuration is in folder /etc/aziot and contains multiple files.

My idea to do this is to use an overlayFS which mounts /data/aziot over /etc/aziot. This can be done by an mender-convert hook which appends a line to /etc/fstab. Or by an overlay which adds an systemd-service to mount the overlayfs.

Did anybody here something similar? Which solution would you prefer and why? Any other ideas to solve the issue?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi @ruben,

No hard opinion, but mounting subdirectories from /data to additional locations is already the strategy Mender uses itself, and it does not require additional pieces of software, so Iā€™d go with that unless you have additional requirements in favor of an overlayFS. In a nutshell, KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid).


Thanks @TheYoctoJester for your answer!

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