Minio kubernetes install error


It seems minio removed minio console from dockerhub so its imposible to install mender production.

k3s error : "Error syncing pod, skipping" err="failed to \"StartContainer\" for \"minio-operator\" with ImagePullBackOff: \"Back-off pulling image \\\"minio/console:v0.7.5\\\"\"" pod="default/minio-operator-console

related issue

Any idea on how to proceed ?

Hi @sakisd ,
thanks for reporting back, we’ll update the doc and the helm chart.

In the meantime, let me clarify that MinIO is provided only as an example because it’s an object storage S3-compatible; the most straightforward way to install Mender is to use an actual Amazon S3 or any other S3-compatible managed storage.
If you don’t want to use a managed S3 storage, you can always install an independent MinIO setup, or other similar projects like SeaweedFS, Ceph or Swift.

Hi @robgio and thanks for the quick reply and the proposals !

Waiting for the docs to be updated in order to install minio, since i had no luck on my own (just started using kubernetes).

In the future i will definitely try S3 but for now i want to use my own infrastructure.